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The Mega Earn More Money, Inner Game and Godfather Principles for Portable Generators On-line Businesses 3 Course Pack

I paid $649 for a Briggs & Stratton model 030235 portage generator on sale at Pep Boys. I live in Houston and there are often storms and flood events that can knock out electric service. I also wanted to have emergency power for my small insurance and mortgage business.

The generator is rated at 5550 watts with 8550 starting watts. It has a 5 gallon gas tank and can run for about 7 hours at 50% load. It has 120 and 240 outlets and came with a heavy duty extension cord set.

Oil was included in the box and after I put the oil and fuel in it started on the first pull. It is moderately noisy, about what you would expect from this size generator. The documentation is adequate.

One of the reasons I selected this generator is the large number for starting or surge watts. One of the main uses for my generator will be to run window air conditioners. A typical 10,000 BTU unit may run on 1200 watts but will need an extra 1800 starting watts. A larger unit could take even more starting watts so I suggest 2,000 or more extra starting watts if you want to run an air conditioner. You won't be able to run your central air conditioner with this generator because they typically need 10,000 or more starting watts, plus the running watts.

Here is an idea of what you could run with this generator:

  • Two 10,000 room air conditioners (2,400 watts)
  • Refrigerator (800)
  • Freezer (500)
  • Television (500)
  • Microwave (1,000)
  • Plus a few small light bulbs

If you are going to get a generator here are some tips:

  • Don't wait for a hurricane or flood, generators will be sold out or very expensive
  • Don't undersize the generator, get one that is large enough for your needs
  • Get a few 5 gallon gas cans and some extra fuel
  • Add fuel stabilizer to the stored gas and change at least annually
  • Get a heavy duty extension cord designed for generators
  • Be careful and read the directions, generators and gasoline are dangerous!
  • Generators are a target for theft, store them securely

If you have any questions about this generator you can contact me at my Texas flood insurance website.

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GenTran RJB10425 25-Foot 30 Amp Generator Cord for up to 7,500-Watt Generator

Gen Tran RJB10425 Generator Power Cord Portable Generator Power Cords Generator Power Cord Cord Length 25 Ft Gauge/Conductor 10/4 L14-30 Connector

Buying used portable generators is not much different from buying a used car, without the casing. Generators are basically engines that run on gas that you start with a key or a pull cord. You should not leave a generator running in your enclosed garage, and you need to give it a careful inspection before you buy it, just as if you were buying a car.

The difference between buying used generators and cars is that you can not drive a generator, but again, you can not drive some used cars, either. You would not spend nearly as much on a used generator as you will on a used car in most cases.

Like a used car, you can buy used portable generators online. The problem is with both of these purchases; you are buying them based solely on trust. You have to trust that the portable generator will be in safe, working order when you receive it. You have to trust that the generator has not blown up previously and been rebuilt just to make it run enough to sell it. You have to trust that upon inspection you got a good deal, because you do not get to inspect it until after you own it.

You can certainly research these generators online though. Doing your research before any large purchase is always a very good idea. Decide what kind of power you will need for your generator. Will you need it to power the house during an electrical outage, and how often does your electricity go out? Do you want a portable generator for camping or boating? Do you need to power a camper or just some appliances while you camp in tents?

Make a list of the things you will need to power and how much wattage they use before shopping for any generator. This will save you a substantial amount of time and could save you some money, too. If you don't need the generator with the most power, why pay more for it?

You should consider if you will want to upgrade your generator in the future. If you are beginner campers and using tents, but know that someday you may buy an RV, then you may want to consider looking at used portable generators with a little more power so that you won't have to buy another one when you get your RV.

Look at the time frame, too. If you think you will not be purchasing your RV for five years or more, than it may be best to choose from among the smaller units for now. Keep in mind that it will be used and probably will not last as long as a new one.

There are a lot of uses for generators. Perhaps you want one for multiple uses that will require varied degrees of power. If so, then consider used portable generators with more power to cover all of your generator needs.

Author has published many sites including the resource about Portable Generators. Learn about Small Portable Generators by visiting the site, Portable RV Generators.

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Briggs & Stratton 30239 2,000-Watt 4 HP Portable Generator

The Briggs & Stratton 030239 2,000-watt 4 HP portable generator provides 4.9 hours of continuous run time at 1/2 load with its 1.2-gallon fuel tank. The 4 HP Elite series OHV engine has a Dura-Bore cast iron cylinder sleeve for optimal durability, while the ultra-quiet muffler reduces noise. This generator provides up to 3000 watts of starting power, has two 120-volt household-type outlets and two 12-volt battery-charging outlets, and it includes battery cables. Briggs & Stratton backs its generator with a 2-year limited warranty.

As gas prices approach the five dollar mark for the July 4 weekend in the United States, many people are asking this important question - what is the cause of high gas prices? It's an important question, but unfortunately very difficult to answer. With so many factors at play, rising gas costs are a bit of an economic enigma. Nonetheless, this article attempts to answer that question with a few possibilities.

One of the most fundamental concepts in economics is supply and demand. The high gas prices we see today are the result of a simple supply and demand problem. Crude oil is in high demand because the entire global economy needs it to survive. Unfortunately, our reliance on crude oil and other fossil fuel based energy sources is so high, it will take major changes in our first world lifestyles to make an impact.

The ironic situation behind high gas prices today is the development of third world countries. Yes, it is definitely a good thing that other parts of the world besides the US and Europe are developing their economies and helping their citizens advance into the future. The downside of this process is more people throughout the world want oil. Thus, as mentioned above, the law of supply and demand drives prices higher and higher.

Yet another problem in this complicated gas situation is the current scarcity of standard energy sources. Fossil fuels are a non-renewable energy source. This also just happens to be the source of crude oil and thus gasoline. As these sources continue to get depleted, the lack leads to more pressure on demand. And so the cycle continues.

Some people think there is a conspiracy behind high gas prices. The suggestion Is that energy companies are evil money mongers intentionally driving up gas prices. In this argument, the price of gas is fixed by people behind the scenes who just sit back and count the money. Personally, I am not so sure this is the truth. Of course, it is a possibility, and I am sure that energy companies are making a big profit in this current situation. But I do not think it would benefit our government or mega corporations to put our entire country (and many others) in such a dark economic cloud.

The reasons behind expensive gas are not entirely clear, but the fact remains that finding alternative energy sources and conserving gasoline will continue to become increasingly important in the years ahead.

Find out how you can SAVE MONEY ON GAS! Read more about gas prices at the popular today.

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Exerswim Portable Swim Current Generator - ProTrainer 36

ExerSwim Portable Swim Current Generator Turns any standard pool into an endless pool ! The ExerSwim Portable Swim Current Generator is a portable swim current generator, designed for meaningful exercise. You get a powerful aquatic workout when you swim against the current. And you can swim against a smooth, strong, wide current in the privacy of your own pool! Purchase your ExerSwim Portable Swim Current Generator from ActiveForever today and turn your standard pool into an endless pool! The ExerSwim is easy to use, just dial your unique "swim number" ranging from zero to 60 and enjoy the feeling of having an endless swimming pool. The current is controlled by a patented propeller drive. You get a wide, deep current virtually free of turbulence for a workout as effective as swimming laps at a health club. The solid, self-contained, rechargeable unit installs in minutes on most swimming pools, with no special tools, plumbing or electrical work. ExerSwim operates on safe, low voltage batteries that fully recharge in only a few hours. And when you visit friends or family with pools, you can take your aquatic workout with you. The unit travels as easily as it installs. Both ExerSwim models - the CrossTrainer 24 and ProTrainer 36 are approximately three feet high by two feet wide and weigh fifty-five pounds. Both require an open pool deck space of less than two square feet and need not attach to the deck or pool. The battery box stands one foot tall on the deck. Crosstrainer 24 (0 mph min - 6 mph max) - Designed for the average swimmer seeking an effective aquatic workout. It produces a thrust of 72lbs. with a maximum speed of 6 miles per hour and uses 2 rechargeable 12-volt DC batteries. Variable Speed Control Produces a thrust of 74 pounds Maximum speed of 6 miles per hour Uses 2 rechargeable 12-volt DC batteries (not included) Weighs 55 lbs. (without batteries) Size: 3ft. high X 2 ft. Wide Battery Charger included Battery Charger requires standard

Cost of living increases with every hour, including cost of energy. People are spending hundreds (and even thousands) of dollars every month to cover up their energy costs. But do they know that they can reduce their energy bills very easy?

The increase of energy price is a natural effect, just like gas prices. It's all part of economics and politics. But there is a way to stop the price rise. And it's really easy, just build and start using windmill generator energy kits. It may sound complicated and hard, but it's really easy. There are some good step-by-step tutorials, about how to build your own windmill. Some are even with pictures and videos, which will only help you more.

At first I was really skeptical about all this, until one friend of mine showed me how easy it is. He built his own windmill generator, it wasn't so big, but yet I was amazed how many money per month he was saving with his windmill generator.

This windmill generator uses wind power, to produce energy, and then it converts it to more useful forms of energy, like to power your TV, PC, fridge or other stuff. Using and building windmill generator is really easy and doesn't require any specifically knowledge. As I mentioned, there can be found step by step guides all over the Internet, some are even with pictures, so it's really easy to read and understand them. For less than $100, you can cut your energy expenses by more than 60%. Imagine you're spending $300 on energy every month, minus $180 (60%), there you go, and you spend only $120.

You can get a free report on windmill generator energy kits and read my complete review of homemade windmills on my website. To check it out just click this link

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Porter-Cable H1000IS-W 10,000-Watt 20 HP Portable Generator

The Porter-Cable 10,000-watt portable generator is powered by an efficient and powerful 20 HP Honda GX620 twin cylinder OHV engine. Cast-iron cylinder sleeves ensures long lasting performance and durability, and a rugged all-metal construction offers protection against the toughest of elements.

Protect your family and possessions during a power outage with a power generator by Porter-Cable. See the product specifications.

This Porter-Cable generator is powered by 20 HP Honda GX620 twin cylinder OHV engine.
The Porter-Cable 10,000-watt generator features an easy-start electric start (a 12-volt 450 CCA battery is included) and advanced alternator design with no brushes to replace. Low-oil protection and pressure lubrication keeps the engine maintained for optimal performance, and a spin-on oil filter allows for easy maintenance. With a seven-gallon fuel tank, this generator provides up to 8.1 hours of runtime at 50 percent load, and 4.2 hours at full load. An idle control saves fuel, and the generator also includes an hour meter for convenient maintenance scheduling.

To help bring power to where you need it the most, the generator includes a portability kit with 13-inch pneumatic tires. The generator measures 36.4-by-28.5-by-33.5 inches (LxWxH) and weighs 371 pounds.

Customer Review: Best Farm Generator
I purchased this generator for my farm. So far it has proven outstanding when called on. I have my well, barn, pasture electric, refridgeration, etc. on it and it performed like a champ. Last winter we were one of the only homes with almost full power after an ice storm, and I attribute this to Honda technology. Had all the neighbors over for breakfast, since most of them did not have power to cook.
Customer Review: Ominous start
I ordered the unit and it took 26 days to arrive. Assembly was straightforward and the fit and finish was fine. Hooked the unit up to a manual switch and it was underpowered for the house. After much effort, it was clear that the generator pumped out a solid 100 volts ac, not 120. It couldn't even run a handtool at full power. HMMM.... 10,000 watts, eh? Next came Porter Cable NATIONAL service. It took them 48 hours to respond and when they did, it was basically to say its not their problem -try the local service center to see if they fix generators. The local service place was more sympathetic, but that doesn't put power in your lines. I am probably going to be stuck lugging a 350 lb. brand new generator to see if they can find out what's wrong. I'll give the generator 2 stars on looks alone. But I would much prefer a generator that is useable and that has a service crew that is even minimally interested in helping. One way or another I will get this thing to work, but for something that costs over $2ooo, I would have expected a generator that had been inspected by someone other than me.

What is a Lead Generator?

As a lead generator, you must become powerful yet simple in your approach. A lead generator provides a service to another (company or individual) of high quality, pre-qualified sales leads (other individuals who are interested in the service or product, of the company or individual you work for).

In most cases, you may have to find these leads on your own. Thus, the company/individual you work for is not providing a list for you.

Depending on the product/service you have many ways of generating your own interested prospects (someone in view of a source of profit). These can be produced free and low cost, with self advertising.

In another common scenario, the company/individual may very well supply you with their own leads of possible interest. Your job (as it would be the same, when you generate your own interest) as a Lead Generator will be to qualify this prospects interest level and need of service/product.

You have something they need! This is the bottom line of the qualification process. To assess their need and help them view your service/product as an invaluable one. At the point of successful qualification you will then pass this on to the company/individual, you work for so that they may have a chance to close this as a final or ongoing (residual income for both you and the company/individual you work forongoing income most likely on a monthly basis) sale.

You will earn a percent of the sale because you provided this company/individual with that qualified and high quality lead. Some, but very rare companies will pay you per hour.

There are many opportunities to become a lead generator in today's business world. Yet, why not venture out on your own? Offer your own individual service. Get paid and learn how to produce your own interest as well!

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Hymini Portable Wind and Solar Generator

Power all your small devices – cell phone, iPod, camera and PDA – by harnessing the power of the wind and sun.
  • Handheld universal charger and adapter
  • Harnesses wind and solar power (as well as conventional AC power)
  • Patent-pending green technology
  • Recharges most 5V devices – cell phones, MP3s, PDAs and cameras
  • No additional software required
This hybrid, eco-friendly power station goes wherever you go and powers up your essential tools using clean, renewable energy.
Customer Review: great for bikers
This windmill is small, very light and portable and is easy to attach to a bike. It's very low drag and will generate power as you cycle, or if you leave your bike parked in a windy spot. There's a battery built in, which is what actually charges your phone or other device, so you don't need to worry about intermittent wind killing your cell battery. You can also attach solar panels, AC power or any other source to charge the internal battery, which makes his a great choice for off-the-grid activities. The arm band attachment doesn't work very well, though and the LEDs built in aren't enough to light very much. Also, the version I bought almost a year ago doesn't have a USB input or an adapter cable for input, which means that you will need to make a cable if you want to attach anything other than a standard accessory. (This still gives you wind, AC and solar.) I got a USB AA/AAA battery charger to plug into mine, so it can charge everything I bring on a bike tour. I've yet to work out a good way to attach it to my tent, though. I have faith this will work out great when I finally get to go touring with it. Everyplace that I camped last august has enough wind to charge 100 cell phones with just one of these.

The Audi A4 Sedan recently launched in India is a luxurious car manufactured by a German based company, Audi. The manufacturing of this car started way back in 1994 and since then this vehicle has gained popularity all over. High quality materials, comfortable seating and superior handling make this car a perfect choice for road trips.

A4 Sedan is the top most selling body style car. Over the years, this Audi model has emerged as the top favorite for all those who look for a compact and luxurious car. It has beaten its competitors in comfort, style and price too!

Engine and Power

Depending on their choice, buyers can buy the one with a 2 liter, 200 horsepower engine or the one with 3.6 liter and 255 horsepower. Its powerful engine makes driving easy even on bumpy roads. It also has a four link suspension in the front. This makes driving a lot more comfortable. Transmissions are also different for different body types. It can have a continuously variable transmission or an automatic one. The six speed automatic transmission helps in achieving good fuel economy.

Its four wheel drive makes the car very safe. Your trip is safe even in harsh weather conditions or damaged and bumpy roads. The car has various other safety materials too like the anti lock brakes. High quality material is used in the manufacturing of this car. Front and side airbags are present to make the car even safer. The side airbags protect the rear and front occupants. All this gets it quite a high safety rating.

Design and Style
The car's interior is very well done with pleasant colors. The cars electronics are placed in the center. All other controls are designed and placed properly. The interior materials are of supreme quality. Interior has a dual zone climate control. The seats are comfortable and spacious which makes long drives easier. It also has a powerful stereo system. To make your drive exciting, Audi has a sport option. In the sports mode, the upshifts occur at about 3000rpm. This mode is good for city driving.

The car has a classy look. It has elegant cut lines. Its front ends are also done nicely and are quite unique. Its high belt lines are distinct. The A4 which is set to be launched in India is a medium sized sedan measuring around 4.7 meters in length. The company expects to achieve a sale of at least 1000 cars by the end of this year.

Audi A4 in India

In India, A4 will be priced at Rs. 29,00,000 and Audi hopes to lure the premium car customers in India with its new sedan. The company is already accepting offers from dealers all over the country; especially from big cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chandigarh and Gurgaon.

It's a joy to drive the Audi A4 sedan. The car offers some of the latest technologies like the Bluetooth and navigation. If you are looking for a luxurious and classy car, then look no more! Audi A4 Sedan is the one for you!

Satish Kalepu has been an avid auto fan and reporter for many years. He frequently writes about new car launches in India and researches trends in the Indian auto market.

His articles are published in various media, among which

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Portable generator:9000w maximum power, continuous power of 8000w, electric/recoil starting

mfr: Winco, Inc. The DL9000E has a 120 /240 volts A.C. Output Voltage, 66.7/33.3 amp Continuous Current Rating, a Displacement/Type of 480 c.c./OHV, a 4hp motor starting ability with a rated power (3600rpm) of 16hp. It has a 4.5 gallon fuel tank capacity, standard low oil protection, 3.4hr full load running time, 5.6hr half load running time, a 4-15 amp straight blade for 120v receptacles and a 1-30amp twist-lock for 120/240v receptacles. The generators and engines have a 2year warrenty

The shipping time for this item is up to one week.

Want to make a hydrogen generator to run your car on water? There are some things which you should consider before going to make a hydrogen generator yourself.

As you know you have to make a hydrogen generator to run your car on water. Hydrogen generator is the main aspect which convert your car to run on water instead of only gas. You need some parts to build a hydrogen generator yourself which are easily available in any hardware shops nearby you. The parts need to make a hydrogen generator are cement.baking soda,cpvc pipes,glass pieces, quart jar, electrical wire etc. As you know these parts are available for cheap prices.

The hydrogen generator work in such a manner that it uses some electricity from your car battery to break down water into two molecules such as hydrogen cell and oxygen cell.Then it combines both hydrogen and oxygen to generate browns gas. This gas is very clean and safe to use and it increases gas mileage up to 70%. Browns gas also reduce that harmful emission from your car engine and keep your engine quieter and smoother.

Thousands of people around the world using this water for gas technology to save their valuable money which they are spending on gas or fuel bills. Many people are getting up to 75% increase in gas mileage by using this water for gas technology. You just need a perfect guide which show you step by step instructions on how to make a hydrogen generator to run your car on water. These guides are easily available on internet for less than $50. Then What you are waiting for make a hydrogen generator to run your car on water and save thousands of dollars each and every year. Don't think about fuel or gas prices coming down as there is no chance left to decrease in gas prices.

Get The Best Conversion Guide Which show you step by step instructions on how to make a hydrogen generator to run your car on water.

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Winco DL6000HE Dyna Consumer Series 5500 Watt 72 DB Portable Gas Generator with Recoil / Electric St

Winco DL6000HE Featuring both a recoil and electric starting system, this gas generator has a light, compact design for convenient storage and easy transport. The Dyna Series 5500 watt 72 DB recoil / electric start Portable Gas Generator has a durable, long lasting powder paint finish. This generator also features all copper windings and circuit breakers for operation safety and protection against damaging overloads. Features: -Premium CARB / EPA approved Honda engine -All copper windings and circuit breakers for operation safety and protection against damaging overloads -Sturdy wrap around welded tubular cradles -Durable, long lasting powder paint finish -Light, compact design for convenient storage and transport -Large fuel tank for longer run time -Includes battery rack and cables (battery not included) Specifications: -Running (rated) watts: 5500 watts -Starting (surge) watts: 6000 watts -Engine: 11 HP Honda GX340 OHV -Engine speed: 3600 RPM -Fuel tank: 4.5 gallon -Fuel type: gas -Run time at half load: 6.4 hours -AC output voltage: 120 / 240 volts -Decibels: 72 DB at 23' -Warranty: 2 years -Recoil / electric start -Dimensions: 30" H X 22" W X 22" D

Yes, both men and women do start to notice hair loss as they get older. This can be handled in many different ways depending on who you are and what type of personality you have. Most men start to look for a restoration method as soon as they start to notice hair loss. Most women and some men just take it as part of life and accept it as a natural thing. These are the type of people that are not bothered by baldness and losing their hair. There are many hair loss solutions that you can choose from if it does bother you.

The best solution to start slowing down the loss of your hair is to get a hair piece, but you have to make sure this is a good quality hair piece that matches the hair you still have well. Others will buy wigs or toupees to hide their baldness, but there are better solutions if you would rather re grow your hair.

A natural way to stop hair loss is to start taking saw palmetto. You can get this herb at any health food center and you should take 1,500 mg per day. This should be split into three doses of 500 mg each. Take a dosage with each meal and you will be able to prevent hair loss.

You should also make sure you get plenty of magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B. These all help to aid in restoring hair growth. It will take time to notice results, but you will notice that you don't lose your hair as much and after a few months you will start to notice some new hair growth.

Plus this is much cheaper than the creams, laser surgery, hair plugs and other options that only work for a small portion of our population. You will be able to block the testosterone that causes hair loss and begin to regrow hair without using any chemicals or anything that will harm you in other ways.

Now you have to make the choice between hair loss solutions. You can try all the over the counter products you want, but it is like playing the lottery. It might work for you, but the odds are heavily stacked against you. Another option is a toupee, hair piece, or wig, but that is no good. So you are left with the natural hair loss solution that was just given to you.

Discover all the secrets to Hair Loss Solutions and Regrowing Hair. Get the information you need right here:

Hair Loss Solutions

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Magna 2200 Watt Portable Inverter Generator (2000 Watt rated load) - Quite, Lightweight, Portable

You are looking at the all new variable engine speed Magna 2200 Watt digital inverter generator. It is very similar to Honda EU2000i but with more power at 2000 Watt rated load. It is light weight, quiet, and portable. It is brand new in box and in stock ready to ship. It is also the most powerful portable inverter generator and with pure sinewave output. This generator is save for sensitive electronics like personal computer and communications devices.Magna generators are state-of-the-art power generators. They are small, efficient and quiet operation, these generators will run longer and cost you less while providing the best power output in the industry. It had been selling in Europe and Asia for a while in the 220V market. It is a very good quality generator in compare with Honda and Yamaha. With the extra wattage to power the RV AC, it is the best portable generator on the market for 5th wheels and travel trailers.Tested on smaller 18' to 24' RV's - We ran some tests on 5th wheels and travel trailers. This Magna 2200 Watt can handle most mircowave oven, coffee machine, etc. Rated frequency (Hz) 60, Rated voltage (V) 120 only, Rated current (A) 16.7 Amps, Rated speed 900 RPM to 5000 RPM, Rated output power 2,000 Watts, Max output power 2,200 Watts DC output, 12V-8.3 A (charging cable included), Electric circuit breaker, Electronics circuit breaker built-in, Fuel tank capacity 1.75 gallonsWeight - 58 lbsVariable engine speed with Econo Throttle (can switch off),Engine Displacement (cc) - high quality 125 cc EPA certified engine1 year warranty
Customer Review: Better than I expected
I was pleasantly surprised when the generator arrived. It arrived ahead of schedule and started on the second pull once I put gas and oil in it. I tested it by running two circular saws at once to see how it would handle the load - no problem. It is so quite that I could talk to my neighbor with out shouting while idling the only reason we raised our voices was because of the saws. Great product i reccommend it to any one who needs a generator for camping, RV or emergencies.
Customer Review: Works Great
I have been looking for a portable generator for home and my class A motorhome. The RV has a self-contained generator, but being in remote Alaska, I wanted a backup incase my RV batteries failed. I alson wanted a portable generator to take to remote sites when we would need good reliable AC power. With the inverter type AC output, I know that I'm getting clean power for my computer chip type equipment. After adding oil to the crankcase, and fuel to the gas tank, it started with one crank. Power production was as advertised. With the "smart switch" on the generator would idle when no output was needed and as load was added, it would power up quickly. Without the "smart switch" on the generator would operate at full power which would allow it to take on heavier startup loads. ie.. motors. WORKS GREAT!!! Happy Alaskan

I think I'm turning into a grumpy old man, but where are the com ports on my new laptop? The domestic market's embrace of USB does not however mean that the COM port is dead.

Serial communication was originally developed for the teletype (nickname for a teletypewriter and trademark of the Teletype Corporation USA), an electro-mechanical marvel that emerged in the 1920's for transmitting messages from one point to another. Some even used punched paper tape so you could relay information output from one teletype and feed the strip into another.

Teletypes were adapted as the means of getting information into and out of early computers and in 1969 the RS-232-C standard emerged. The first VDU terminals were developed to be compatible with the old mechanical teletypes and the RS-232 protocol along with start/stop and parity bits was reborn into our computer age as the COM port.

The ability for RS-232 to be implemented mechanically made it easy to synthesize electronically. The protocol's simplicity meant that unsophisticated devices could be controlled without internal firmware and led to its widespread adoption in industrial automation.

Speed and elegance eventually inspired the USB protocol and the concept of universal 'plug-and-play'. USB devices identify themselves upon connection to a host OS which then configures itself to communicate with that device by installing the appropriate drivers or by 'graceful failure', prompting the user to insert a disk.

USB is an unnecessary complication in dedicated environments such as a vehicle installation. A taxicab may have a taximeter that communicates its fare and tariff information via RS-232 to a data terminal or printer. These devices need to be compatible but don't require the overhead of plug-and-play intelligence.

Although low cost serial to USB semiconductors may make the concept of a USB taximeter possible, creating the USB host for it becomes a nightmare. Any unit with a USB host socket on it implies acceptance of a whole range of USB devices. Deciding what devices to support, communicating a lack of support to the user (graceful failure), and then installing that support, brings pointless complication and cost.

Like USB, integrating multiple RS-232 devices requires a communications hub. However, because RS-232 is not 'universal', integration may require some processing and device configuration via a simple human interface. The demand for more elaborate RS-232 environments has now prompted the emergence of devices like the Datax3 terminal and the Lynx communications hub from Diplomat Ltd. which fills the gap between multiple serial devices and an ergonomic interface flexible enough to cater for interaction with that environment.

USB is great for the domestic computer market but in dedicated environments the traditional serial RS-232 communications port is still very much alive. This article and others can be found at

Stewart Harding is the CEO of Diplomat Ltd.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Briggs & Stratton 30208 4,800-Watt 6.5 HP Portable Generator

With 3,500 running watts and 4,800 starting watts of reliable electrical power, the Briggs & Stratton's 3,500-Watt 6.5 HP Portable Generator has you covered when the grid doesn't. Powered by a 6.5 HP Briggs & Stratton OHV Engine that is engineered to give you longer life, longer running time and reduced noise, this portable generator offers up to 12 hours of runtime when operated at half its output capacity.

Briggs & Stratton generators are built for outstanding performance. View the generator's features in greater detail. See the product specifications.

A 6.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Intek OHV engine provides extra torque when you need it. Watch the Briggs & Stratton video on torque power.

With five convenient outlets protected from the elements by a durable weather-protected panel, including four 120-volt household type and one 120/240-volt 20 Amp locking type, you can easily hook up TV's, stereos, coffee pots, heaters, laptops, and more. An internal Power Surge alternator will help to give you peace of mind by protecting your valuable electronics.

The generator's included 8-inch solid wheels, along with its lightweight 127-pound design, mean that you can easily move this generator as your power needs demand. And the generator's lo-tone muffler keeps the noise to a minimum, so the conversation inside isn't drowned out by the noisy machine outside.

This Briggs & Stratton portable generator has a 4-gallon fuel capacity that provides up to 12 hours of continuous runtime at 1/2 load. The generator measures 23.9-by-19.9-by-21 inches (LxWxH) and is covered by a 2-year limited, manufacturer warranty. Click here to find the Briggs & Stratton service center near you.

Customer Review: First Generator
I purchased this generator too use with our travel trailer to recharge the batteries and run the airconditioner. It works well and starts very easy. Only negative is that it has a higher noise level than some of the more costly units.

If you feel like your power bill is starting to burn big holes in your pocket well, it may be time to consider how you can reduce your electricity bill. There are many simple ways that you can start right now to save on your power bill. Lets look at a few easy to do things to reduce your electricity bill.

If you look around right now in the room that you are in. What appliances or electrical gadgets are in the room? Do you have all the lights on? Is there an electric clock in the room as well as a battery operated one on the wall? Do you have a stereo that is in stand by mode? A computer that is not turned off which is not being used? When your family is not at home during the day why would you need to have any thing on standby mode? When every one is home in the evenings; turn the tv and the lights off in the living room while the family is having dinner.

If the family does not eat together at dinner time, this could be a good time to get them into the habit. Get the kids to turn off lights and ps3 or xbox 360 in their rooms while the family dines together. How many telephones do you have in your home? Unplug all of them except the main one. If it's cordless you can still use it in any room in the house. If you can survive with only one line rental then why pay for two line rentals? When a room is empty at night turn the lights off, even if it's for a minute or so. Use cold water to rinse dishes. Wash the dishes by hand more rather than use the dish washer.

Just use cold water in the washing machine, your clothes will be just as clean. Use the air conditioning unit only when it's absolutely necessary. Invest in energy saving gadgets. Replace your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs. Buy a power save monitor. It will monitor the power supply to your house and manages it ensuring your home uses the minimum required. When you have an appliance or gadget that is not being used turning it off at the wall has proven to save people even more on their power bill.

The computer, the alarm clock in every room, the hob, oven, the tv, the stereo. Anything else you can think off. Washing machine, dryer. Anything! It has been proven that turning these appliances off at the wall can save house holds as much as $200.00 a year. Now, on a daily basis that may not look like much and, while most of us would just walk past 5 cents on the foot path. How many people do you know would walk past $200.00 on the foot path?

Remember, the less power you consume, the more money you save and, the world will be better off for your efforts. You know, you could look at creating your own electricity. This will be the best way to reduce your electricity bill.

Tasi Feite.

"if you can not do great things, do small things in a great way"...

Create your own Electricity

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Moeller Portable Hand Held Battery Power Gauge

Customer Review: Works Well
The meter works well and is fairly accurate. Good battery meter for the money, it should be more waterproof though. Easy to read and easy to carry. Recommended.

Recently there has been a trend in the United States toward more nature-friendly thinking. Lowering gas emissions, using alternative forms of energy and recycling have been ways that the national consciousness has gravitate toward eco-living. One thing that has been growing in popularity is the use of photovoltaic technology to create energy in the personal household.

At first it may seem as though installing this almost-revolutionary technology is a perfect idea, because you would be capitalizing on the "free" energy from the sun to power your house. This mentality though doesn't take into account the actual cost of setting up a solar energy system in your house.

There are many different things to think about if you decided to install solar energy panels into your house. First you have to decide whether or not you want to be a part of the grid. The answer to this question will determine how many kilowatts your energy system will require, which has a direct correlation with the size and number of panels you will need.

In general, if your system will complete sustain the energy usage of your house, you will need a much bigger systems with a higher energy generation capacity. However, you may supplement the electrical usage that you get from the grid with solar energy. Many people opt for this method because it can dramatically reduce electricity bills, while still reducing the individual's carbon footprint.

Once you've decided what kind of system that you need, you must find the appropriate space for your system. In general, the panels must have maximum exposure to sunlight in order to produce the advertised number of kilowatts. It must be around shade or in an area of that country that doesn't receive much sunlight. Some people decide to build a panel farm, consisting of independently-placed panels sitting on individual stands. Others decide that it is more cost-efficient to place the panels on the roof, in order to both save money and improve efficiency.

The initial order for the installation of a system may be a bit painful to the wallet in the beginning. Pricing ranges from $7-$9 per kilowatt in expenses per year. This range depends on where you live, who is doing the installation and the quality of your products; give or take options and extras. This means that if you generally expend 8,000 kilowatts of energy a year, you will find yourself dishing out at least a hefty $56,000 for installation. Luckily many state and local government has programs in place to help pay for the extra cost.

If you would like more information on how you can make your home more green, visit

Joseph Devine

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Black & Decker CPI20XB 20 Watt Power To Go Cordless AC/USB Power Supply

Customer Review: More cons than pros
It takes too long to charge and doesn't hold the charge. I've read a lot of negative reviews about it but bought it anyways. Shouldn't.
Customer Review: tech specs
Looking that the three versions of this 10W, 20W, 100W, I found the technical details on the B+D site helpful: The 10W has a 700mAh battery, This Model # CPI20XB (the 20W) has a 2Ah battery, and the 100W a 4Ah battery. It looks like they are progressively heavier, but I can't find accurate figures on weight or dimensions. Input - 8.4 VDC, 5.0A Output - 115V AC 60Hz-20W for 5 minutes, 16W continuous Battery - 2Ah, NiMH USB - 5V DC (350 mA) - *Approximate talk time based on average results using commonly used cell phones. Results may vary depending on features/cell phone used.

If you are planing on installing solar panels and have been checking out the prices for new ones, you will know that they are not cheap. New solar panels can run you a few thousand dollars for a single panel plus you have to pay for installation. But there is now a easier way, you can learn how to make solars panels for all your home energy.

Making your own solar panels is not as hard of a task as you may think, I did it and trust me I am no one bit of a handyman and do not have a technical bone in my body.

A few of the things you need to get started.

  1. An easy to follow guide book to making solar panels
  2. Sheets of plywood
  3. Bargain-priced solar cells
  4. Glass panes
  5. Roll of copper wire
An easy to follow guide book can be found online for around $50 - $70, just remember cheaper is not always better cause you get what you pay for. Most of the really great guides out there will also give you plans to make a wind generator as well because they both go hand in hand with regards to renewable energy.

The guide book that I had gotten and reviewed, contained info on how to make our own solar panels as well as detailed instructions on how to install solar panels. There were picture diagrams and step by step instructions which really sped up the process. The guide also gave me a source of inexpensive solar cells.

It only took me a day to make a 100 watt solar panel with some help from my wife, and the total cost was $165. A new commercial 100 watt solar panel can run in the $500 range or more so you can see you will save a lot of money. It is well worth learning how to make solar panels for home energy.

Are you using all your home's comfort completely guilt free, laughing at rising energy prices, while saving the environment? If not now is your chance for free energy, Solar and Wind Energy

Obediah Marsh

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sport Pac Portable Power Generator with 300W Inverter - WPG103, by All Start - WPG103 - All Start - ALLWPG103

- Heavy duty case is resistant to chemicals, cold, and heat. - Super duty safety clamps prevent shorting. - Heavy duty 29 long 6 gauge cables. - High power AGM Technology battery may be stored and used in any position. - Built-in battery charger with auto-shutoff circuit. - High surge 300 Watt inverter provides 100 Volt AC power. - Battery status meter. - 12 Volt DC output socket with overload protection. - Adjustable emergency light built-in.

Who said that generating power is an expensive affair with easy ways like DIY wind generator making it easy and of course cheaper to generate power? Understand that the readings on wind turbines do not in a lot of ways make sense as they are measured at wind speeds much higher than what you experience.

Knowing the annual output of your wind powered generator is not tough keeping in mind the below mentioned formula.

Annual Output (Measured in KWH/year) = 0.01328 * (Blade diameter) 2 * (Wind Velocity) 3. Please note that Blade diameter is measured in foot and Wind velocity is measured in miles per hour. You would get an annual output of 2,300 KWH every year with a 10 ft diameter blade measuring winds of about 12 miles per hour.

Making your own DIY wind generator does not require you to assume the coat of Albert Einstein! Assemble ready-made components available in the market and build up your own wind powered generator. Please be careful to choose the correct specifications of the components like batteries, dynamos, and blades etcetera.

Where can your wind generator be used? Trust you have taken all the efforts to build a sleek looking DIY wind generator but do not know where to use it. "Charity begins at home", so use this at your home or flock away to a hilltop and use it to the best effect.

Purchasing the components for a wind generator is a tricky affair with many duplicate components available in the market. Duplicate components are okay for your wind generator if you wish to run it for just a few months. Spending an extra dime to buy genuine, original spares for your wind powered generator will help you in a big way.

You only need to spend in the range of $150 to $200 to build your DIY wind generator to ensure cheap power for your needs!

For more details on purchasing a fully illustrated manual with step by step instructions on building your own DIY wind generator visit:

If you are interested in learning exactly how to generate power and reduce your bill then this is the perfect resource for you!

For more related information on wind turbines & generators visit our: Homemade Wind Generator Blog.

Movado Esperanza

Friday, January 9, 2009

2800 Watt Portable Generator With Honda Generator Engine

Portable Generator with Honda Generator Engine Make this reliable, efficient and easily portable generator part of your hurricane and disaster preparation. This compact model is lightweight for portability. The Honda generator engine provides 5 HP peak, 2800 maximum output to power small tools for general repairs away from power source or for emergency preparedness. Operates for 1.1 hours on one 0.55 gallon tank of unleaded gas. Rugged steel roll bar frame for safety. Provides 120V service. Generator sales are final.

Chrome is very popular nowadays. Chrome rims are very popular in the automobile industry. They add tough of class in the tires of any new or used car. Not only cars you can also use it in the wheels of other vehicles like bikes, trucks also.

Chrome rims are well polished with mirror end finish which shines in the light. Usually the rims are made from the cast aluminum. Later they undergo multi-step chrome plating process. You will also find chrome of black color.

You should be very careful while choosing the chrome rim. Your vehicle's chrome rim must be proportional to the vehicle's weight. If these are not done then the car performance will definitely goes down and it may also cause serious accidents. The weight bearing capability for a vehicle must be compatible with the load rating of the rim. Even the holes in the lugs of the vehicle tires should match the holes for the lugs on the chrome rims.

It is very easy to installed chrome rims. Chrome rims are installed either by exchanging the entire wheel rim with the new chrome rim or simply by plating the existing wheels with chrome. The plating process is also very simple. The very first thing you have to do is dirt, grime, rust removal from chrome. After cleaning the next thing is plating with copper and polishes it afterwards to give a smooth finish. It is soon followed by layer of nickel. Finally the layer of chromium gives a shiny appearance. Though plating is cheap in comparison to exchanging the rims but it is always better if you exchange your old rim with the new chrome rims.

The range of the chrome rim's cost varies depending upon the looks. Usually for lower end rims the cost ranges between $200 and $500 each. But for upper end the price scale also rises up. It may even cost even several thousand dollars.

Nowadays new technologies have evolved for chrome plating both in metal and non metallic surfaces without creating any environmental hazards.

Since the material used in Chrome plating creates some environmental hazards so some regulations have been made to make the chrome plating environmental friendly. Thus chrome plating has become difficult in recent times. Naturally the cost of the rim also increased simultaneously. Conventional chrome plating now facing lot of limitations; they cannot chrome plate many surfaces because of the regulations.

Now the chrome plating industry is facing troubles due to the norms that they have to follow. Naturally many shops got closed or they have relocated from North America due to EPA regulations.

The cleaning of chrome rims can be easily done by the use of chrome polish and buffing. Always remember to avoid the road salt during winter. The road salt is dangerous for chrome as it can damage the chrome. Chrome rim can get rusted because of the salt in the road. It can even lead to corrosion of the rim. If somehow rust comes in the chrome then you should use different rust products to remove the rust.

Click to know more about the best rust products to remove rust from metal.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Industrial portable 9500 w generator-120 volts at the 45.8amp Full Power Plug, 5 hp engine

mfr: Winco, Inc. With the power to start up to a 5 hp motor, the W9500HE boasts 9500 watts of surge power and has a continuous output of 8500 watts. Fitted with an 18hp Honda GX610 engine the generator will produce full load power for over 3.2 hours. At half load you will have nearly 5.3 hours of run time!

Features include; powder paint finish on rugged wrap-around welded tubular cradles, CARB/EPA approved engines and sizes ranging from 3,000 watts. WINCOs switchless Full Power feature allows the full rated output from a single 120 volt or 240 volt outlet, or ombination of both. It has a maximum power rating of 9500w, continuous power rating of 8500w, Power Factor (pf) is 1.0 pf, an AC output of 120/240v, continuous current rating of 35.4 amps @ 240 volts, 5hp motor starting ability, 120 Volt Full Power with 45.8 amps, is a R.F.L. generator, has a displacement/type of 610cc/OHV, a 18hp rated (3600rpm) power, 3600 rpm engine speed, recommended Battery Size (Group/CCA) is U1 / 235 cca, standard low oil protection, electric starting system, air cooling system, 4.5 gallon fuel tank capacity. DB Rating @ 7 meters (23 ft.) with 71.00 dBA.

With 120 Volt Receptacles is 4 - 15 amp GFCI Straight Blade (NEMA 5-15R), is 1- 50 amp Straight Blade (NEMA 5-50R), is 1 - 50 amp Straight Blade (NEMA 6-15R) and Twist Lock (NEMA L5-20R) is 2 - 20 amp / GFCI Protected, Twist Lock (NEMA L6-20R) is 1 - 20 amp. With Twist Lock (NEMA L14-30R) is 1 - 30 amp. Standard Main Breaker, standard other Circuit Breakers.With Accessories is 16204-000 2-Wheel Dolly Kit, is 16199-001 4-Wheel Dolly Kit and 64444-012 Cover. With transfer switches is suggested EMER-TRANS SYS/SW60/30. Dimension: 32 x 22 x 22 in. All industrial portable models carry a two-year generator and engine warranty.

I paid $649 for a Briggs & Stratton model 030235 portage generator on sale at Pep Boys. I live in Houston and there are often storms and flood events that can knock out electric service. I also wanted to have emergency power for my small insurance and mortgage business.

The generator is rated at 5550 watts with 8550 starting watts. It has a 5 gallon gas tank and can run for about 7 hours at 50% load. It has 120 and 240 outlets and came with a heavy duty extension cord set.

Oil was included in the box and after I put the oil and fuel in it started on the first pull. It is moderately noisy, about what you would expect from this size generator. The documentation is adequate.

One of the reasons I selected this generator is the large number for starting or surge watts. One of the main uses for my generator will be to run window air conditioners. A typical 10,000 BTU unit may run on 1200 watts but will need an extra 1800 starting watts. A larger unit could take even more starting watts so I suggest 2,000 or more extra starting watts if you want to run an air conditioner. You won't be able to run your central air conditioner with this generator because they typically need 10,000 or more starting watts, plus the running watts.

Here is an idea of what you could run with this generator:

  • Two 10,000 room air conditioners (2,400 watts)
  • Refrigerator (800)
  • Freezer (500)
  • Television (500)
  • Microwave (1,000)
  • Plus a few small light bulbs

If you are going to get a generator here are some tips:

  • Don't wait for a hurricane or flood, generators will be sold out or very expensive
  • Don't undersize the generator, get one that is large enough for your needs
  • Get a few 5 gallon gas cans and some extra fuel
  • Add fuel stabilizer to the stored gas and change at least annually
  • Get a heavy duty extension cord designed for generators
  • Be careful and read the directions, generators and gasoline are dangerous!
  • Generators are a target for theft, store them securely

If you have any questions about this generator you can contact me at my Texas flood insurance website.

Lamb Insurance Agency, (Farmers, Foremost, Voyager, and Pacific Insurance) Auto, Home, Mobile Home, Life, and Business Insurance for Texas - Farmers Insurance Houston

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

3500W Portable Gasoline Generator

This compact and lightweight (99 lbs) generator very quietly (68 dB) provides 3000 watts of Continuous AC power. Generator comes standard with a G.F.C.I. receptacle, On/Off Switch, 25 Amp Circuit Breaker, fuel gauge and Automatic low oil cut-off. It is also both EPA and CARB compliant. Generator is powered by high efficiency CARB /EPA Certified MQ Power JF 200 engine; it is an easy starting, reliable and fuel efficient engine. Includes 4 Extra Rubber Feet. Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.96 GL. 30 day Warranty, defective generators will be replaced, no refunds

Who doesn't want free electricity? We all do. In fact, if you can just find a way to generate free electricity right at our very own home, I bet you would want to grab the opportunity. The price of gas is now inflating and worst, it is a non-renewable fuel.

Wind turbines are great alternatives to run electricity at your own home. It is expensive to own one at first but in the long run, it will cost you nothing. When wind turbines are powered with solar panels, the two are powerful force in generating cheap energy.

Solar energy in itself is free. However, the price and maintenance of each solar panel is very expensive so owning one at home is a little impossible.

Another possible source of free electricity is nuclear power. This kind of source is already developed in different countries. The initial price of each panel is expensive too. However, this energy source has lots of opposition after the accidents in Chernobyl and Three Mile Island. While it is not impossible, having a nuclear power plant to run the electricity of the most part of the earth is expensive and risky.

Judging from the power source that we have mentioned, it seems that the wind power is the most affordable. You just need to have a windy environment to effectively run the electricity. A gentle breeze will do for as long as it will keep the turbine running.

Wind turbines are very affordable. In fact, many companies now are selling wind turbines at an increasing scale. Availing free power from the wind will just need you to install a wind turbine generator at your home.

A wind turbine can be constructed from auto parts (either new or old). Put the wind turbine at the highest place in your house as possible. Winds turbine is actually a good substitute for places that do not have access to the local power utility. Anyone who has knowledge with auto workshop and mechanic can actually build one wind turbine for himself.

A wind turbine is a good investment. After all, you get the wind for free

Discover how you can reduce your electric bill up to 80% - Home Built Wind Power Generator

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Monday, January 5, 2009


10 HP Tecumseh gas engine6250 Maximum watts5000 Running wattsLarge 5 gallon gas tank provides up to 7.5 hours run time at 50% load Two 120 volt outlets, one 120/240 volt locking outlet, and circuit breaker protectionLow oil shutdown protects engine by automatically turning off when oil is lowReliable electronic ignition for easier startsCast iron sleeve on engine provides extra protection from wear and tear One inch tubular steel frame surrounds unit protecting it from damage Accepts wheel and handle kit for maximum portability (not included)Model Number - PM0525202.03Max Watts: 6250Run Watts: 5000Engine Mfg: TecumsehHP: 10Gas Tank Sz: 5 gallonRun Time: 7.5 hours @ 50% load Outlets: 2 - 120V, 1 - 120/240V locking Warranty: 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Returns:Defective units can be returned to the manufacturer.Units that have been used are not returnable.All shipping charges to and from you are non-refundable.Ships via trucking to your curbside - must be present to accept delivery.

Most of us have heard about this phenomenon that we can run our cars on water now. This is a very powerful system and is the future for not only our cars, but your environment as well. You can now turn your vehicle into a hybrid and run it on water/HHO gas with a HHO generator.

You can even build your own HHO generator. It is not difficult and you can find all the things you need at a local hardware store as well. This is great, too, because there are not kits that you can buy just yet.

If you need to save money at the pump, and how many of us do, then running your car on water is a great idea. You probably spend hundreds of dollars each month to run your vehicles on gas and you could be saving as much as 40% of that money by using this technology. Plus this will help save our environment by eliminating the toxic gases we release into the air with oxygen.

You will be taking electricity from your cars battery, and separating using it to separate water into a gas called HHO or brown gas. This will burn and provide great energy to compliment the gas you already have running through your engine.

You can expect to save as much as thousands of dollars each year on fuel from this great technology. Your gas mileage can rise as much as 80% depending on your car or truck. Plus your engine will be easier to maintain, will last longer, and you will not have to spend as much on oil changes and other routine fix ups because the fuel will burn so much cleaner.

Building your own HHO Generator is not hard and even those with very little mechanical skills can do it. You can find a step by step guide right online along with going to the local hardware store to get everything you need. The guide will run you between $50 and $200 depending on which one you choose and the supplies will cost you around $60 at your hardware store.

Your HHO generator will have paid for itself within a month and you will now have plans that you can use to covert your spouses car, your kids car, your sisters car, your brothers car, your mothers car, and all the other cars you know. You could even charge them a few dollars for you to do it and make all of your money back very quickly.

Discover the secrets to the HHo Generator here:

HHo Generator

Golf GPS